Scammers and Illegitimate Locksmiths

In recent years, the locksmithing industry has experienced an explosion of scammers and illegitimate business people posing as locksmith professionals. The prey on people in emergency situations, generally lockouts of a home or auto. In most scenarios, a customer calls a number listed in the phone book or found on the web through a Google search; the customer is quoted a low price over the phone. What the customer often doesn’t realize is that their phone call is actually being fielded to a call center, often out of state, and that the technician being dispatched often has very little knowledge of locks. When the technician arrives, they are often not in uniform or a marked vehicle. They inform the customer that their lock cannot be opened with conventional methods, then destroy the lock and charge two, three, and sometimes even six times the given quote.

This problem has been covered in the news both locally and nationally, but little has been done to stop it. The best thing you can do to protect yourself is to know a locksmith before you need a locksmith. We invite you to come to our shop, say “hi,” shake our hands, take a business card, and know that we will be just a phone call away if you find yourself in an emergency.

When we arrive at your location, our technicians will arrive in a Bill’s Lock & Key lettered vehicle and in uniform with Bill’s Lock & Key embroidered on their shirt. We NEVER subcontract our work. You can find us, along with other verified locksmiths at

Turn to locksmiths you can trust. Turn to Bill’s Lock and Key for your 24-hour locksmith needs, whether for your home, business, or vehicle. If you need to rekey locks, help with your home safes, or any type of commercial or residential lock-and-key services, turn to Albuquerque’s trusted locksmith!