5 Things You Need To Know About Locksmith Services In Albuquerque

When most people think of locksmiths, they think of getting someone to help because they’ve locked themselves out of their home or car.

No doubt that’s a vital role Bill’s locksmith team plays for Albuquerque residents. But it’s by no means all we do as locksmiths, and it’s not the only thing you should consider. Here are 5 things you need to know about locksmiths to get the best service in the Albuquerque area.

#1. It’s All Locks With Us

If there is a building or object that has a lock, a locksmith is a resource for you. We work on all types of electronic and portable locks and offer expertise in both residential and commercial building security. We’re experts in Grand Master Key Systems and carded access control. Our techs are up on all the latest technology as well as being knowledgeable about fire, life & safety codes and Americans with Disabilities Act regulations.

We can recommend and install a variety of display cases and other small lock systems that keep your stock safe from theft while allowing your staff to access it.

Bill’s Lock and Key retails American Security commercial and home safes. From large commercial safes to small home safes, we have the ideas and products you need to secure your valuables.

Today, locksmiths do a lot more than just open doors in emergencies. In fact, most of our business involves installing locking systems that ensure safety and security.


#2. We Service Motorcycle Locks

Most people know locksmiths can open locked cars or replace broken car locks. Far fewer know we offer the same types of services for motorcycle owners in Albuquerque.

If you lost a motorcycle key and you only have one left, call us right away. We can make duplicate keys for virtually any type of motorcycle.

If it’s worse and you’ve lost all your motorcycle keys, we can work with you to generate replacement keys.

Last, we have specialized locks designed for securing scooters and motorcycles. If you’re traveling or storing your bike somewhere you think is kind of sketchy, these types of locks are a great investment.

#3. We Replace and Repair FOBs

Car keys today are considerably more complex than they used to be. Electronic FOBs are used on new models and most have remote functions that allow you to start your car without inserting the key into the ignition.

Of course with new technology comes new maintenance and repair. We can repair and reprogram damaged FOBs, get you replacement batteries, and perform simple reset procedures to make sure everything is in working order.

It’s a little more complicated than “jimming” a car door lock used to be, but the result is the same. We make sure you can enter and start your car.

#4. Pro Locksmiths Are Certified

In the past, you might have known the guy who was really good at opening car doors with a coat hanger. He just had the knack.

That knack was probably also a bit of luck. Not just anybody can get basic tools and call themselves a locksmith, especially with today’s complicated electronic locking systems.

At Bill’s Lock & Key, we employ trained and certified locksmiths. Our staff includes a Certified Master Locksmith, a Certified Professional Locksmith, three Certified Registered Locksmiths, and four Certified Automotive Locksmiths.

Self-trained, uncertified locksmiths can actually do quite a bit of damage, and they’re much more likely to be scammers, which we’ll talk about next.

#5. The Rise of Scammers

A few years back, Google started an advertising program called Local Service Ads for certain types of businesses that service private property. Part of this ad platform involves background checks on the businesses’ employees. Believe it or not, The Pinkerton Agency (known lawmen in the Old West and featured in movies like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) performs these background checks.

The original impetus for this new level of security was locksmith scammers. Google began to realize that criminals posing as locksmiths were using the Google Ads system to connect with homeowners and businesses.

These scammers would destroy locks instead of opening them with conventional methods, then overcharge the customer. Or worse, they’d gain access to the building by installing a lock they had a key to, making a break-in easy.

Never work with a locksmith that insists on drilling or replacing your lock. You usually only need to drill specialized high-security locks. An experienced, legitimate locksmith will have the tools and skills to unlock almost any type of lock without destroying it.

Local Service Ads helps cover this for Google, but scam locksmiths are something you need to be aware of. We recommend you get to know your locksmith. Make sure they have a local address you can check. Never work with a locksmith who arrives in an unmarked vehicle or who isn’t wearing a uniform.

When you look a locksmith up online, check out their website to make sure they look legitimate. Make sure they have authentic customer reviews on Google and at least one other review platform like Top Rated Local.

If you have any doubt, hire a different locksmith like Bill’s Lock & Key. We’ve been serving the Albuquerque community since 1978, so you know you can trust us.

If you’re locked out, contact our Albuquerque locksmith services. Likewise, if you need to make sure your valuables stay locked up, we are the pros you need. If you have to lock it up, we can fix you up every time.