All About Home Security Systems

Home security systems are something that more and more homeowners are considering when they buy a new home or as their families grow. A reliable system can deter theft, keep you family safe, and help you keep track of the coming and going of family members.

DIY Home Security Systems

Technology has advanced so fast that there are a lot of options for DIY systems. We’re defining DIY as advanced technology systems that you can purchase, install, and set up yourself without hiring a security company or locksmith. We’re not talking about “Home Alone” style DIY security.

As we take a look at the various do-it-yourself options, keep in mind that consulting a professional, like someone on the team at Bill’s Lock and Key can help you make the most of your investment. A pro can give you advice about placement and optional components that can significantly improve results.

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Hybrid solutions

Several companies have introduced systems that include optional security service plans. These solutions are typically more expensive than simpler, yet still-effective options. If you are going to be away from home for extended periods of time and want the option to have your system monitored by a security company, without signing a long-term contract, these can be a great choice.

Smartphone solutions

It seems like there is a new smartphone-connected security system on the market every week. These aren’t categorized as smart systems, but they do allow for remote viewing. These systems can be as simple as a surveillance camera connected to your smartphone. If you go this way, be sure to look for a camera that has a night vision setting and includes a motion sensor. A recording option adds a little cost, but we think it is well worth it.

Home Security Apps

For the most frugal among us, there are free and inexpensive apps that turn smart phones into motion-detecting surveillance cameras. They’ll even sound a remote alarm if they sense motion. We’d recommend this as a supplemental option. Afterall, finding out there is a problem only after someone has entered your home isn’t ideal.

Smart Residential Security Systems

Smart homes are all the rage lately. Unfortunately, that means they are also a popular target for hackers. Smart security systems are great, and the chances that you’ll be a target of hacking any time soon are pretty slim. So we think they are still a great option. What sets these systems apart is their ability to connect all of your home systems together, including smoke detectors, carbon monoxide monitors, security cameras, motion sensors, and sometimes even door locks and automatic garage doors.

Features still range from bare bones to all the bells and whistles. We’re surprised that some of these systems still don’t include cameras. Some require third party monitoring. Others, even some with the most features, are easy to install and manage without the help of a third party. Whichever you choose, we recommend getting advice from a professional to make sure you’re getting the most out of your system.


With very few exceptions, some added security is better than none. The pros at Bill’s Lock and Key have a few simple recommendations.


Sometimes a simple solution can be just as effective as a hi-tech one.

Whatever your home security concerns, give the professionals at Bill’s Lock and Key a call. We’re here to answer all of your questions and help you choose the perfect home security solution for your family.