All About Safes

All About Safes

Bill’s Lock & Key in Albuquerque is dedicated to keeping you safe. We offer locksmithing services to get you back into your home or auto if you find yourself locked out. We also can install, replace, or rekey locks on your home or car. We also provided commercial locksmithing services, so if your business has been broken into or you are no longer know exactly who has copies of your keys, you can call us, and we will make sure that your business is safe from theft. On top of all these invaluable services, we also sell commercial and residential security safes.


The safes we carry are from AMSEC, which is the world's best-known maker of security safes for commercial and residential use. Having been in business since the 1940s we have stayed up-to-date and make strong, state-of-the-art safes to protect your valuables. Besides high-quality safes, MSEC provides outstanding customer service, providing a helpline that is open 24 /7, 365 days a year.

Commercial Safes

The reasons that a business needs a high-quality safe are as many as there are types of businesses. Hotels can use a large safe to keep guest’s valuables during their stay and use yet another safe to keep the day’s takings and receipts safe until a run to the bank can be made. A jewelry store will need a large safe to keep jewels in when the store is closed to limit the damage that could be caused by a break-in. Any store that uses a firearm(s) to safeguard their safety should keep it locked up after hours. To keep your valuables secure and the location of your safe a mystery, we also offer wall safes and floor safes that are easy to camouflage. Fireproof safes can also be important for businesses to have on the premises so keep important information protected, even from a fire. We also can manufacture custom sages to match your company’s individual needs. We do custom colors too!

Residential Safes

Residential customers use safes for many of the same reasons that commercial customers do, just on a different scale. Sometimes the scale of use for residential use is larger than the commercial customer. One such area is firearms. Many residential customers have a virtual armory in their home, and it is extremely important to keep firearms safe, from children, untrained and unauthorized people of all ages, and from thieves who love to get their hands on firearms. Other valuables, from jewelry, important papers and even a secret stash of tooth fairy quarry can find a place in a safe. AMSEC safes come in all sizes and will fit any home’s needs. There are safes that you can slide under your bed, place in the back of your closet, or have built into the wall or floor of your home.

When you decide it is time to secure your possessions, either at work or at home, come into Bill’s Lock & Key and let us help you find the perfect safe.