Bill’s Lock & Key is Your Ally Against Crime

Bill’s Lock & Key serves the entire Albuquerque area, and we have been to pretty much every neighborhood and know that there is a certain level of crime everywhere. The statistics on crime in our area are pretty grim. According to neighborhoodscout.com, you have a one in 108 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Albuquerque. You have a one in 18 chance of being the victim of property crimes. It is not our intention to scare you, but rather to make you aware so that you can take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your possessions against crime. In this effort, Bill’s Lock & Key is your ally. To learn how we can increase your security, keep reading!

Protect Yourself and Your Family with the Best Locks

Whether you have just bought a new home and want all new locks, or you are a long-time homeowner who has realized how many people have a copy of your key, you have the power to protect your home. Call Bill’s Lock & Key for upgraded home security. We can rekey your existing locks by going in and changing the internal mechanism known as tumblers or key pins. We can take your lock apart, make it so the old keys no longer work, and give you a new key that works on the new internal key configurations. You’ll know for sure that you have the only key and you can give copies to people you trust. Think of rekeying a lock as rebooting it. You’ll have a fresh start on home security.


Upgrade Your Locks to Improve Security

You can also choose to upgrade the entire lock. If the only lock you have is the door knob, it’s time to upgrade and not count on your luck any longer. You should have us install deadbolt locks, which give you much more security. Here at Bill’s Lock & Key, we are very impressed with the Schlage Electronic Deadbolt. This innovative locking system has some great features that make it attractive for many people. The lock is unlocked by entering the code so you can come and go without a key. It’s electronic, but installations are easy, and there is no need for us to run wires. We can have it installed quickly, and we’ll show you how to use it. This lock increases your security because it’s a solid deadbolt lock because you won’t have to worry about people having your key, and you’ll never have to worry about locking yourself out again!

Protect Your Possessions with an In-Home Safe

A home safe protects your valuables when you are home, and when you are not. If you have a break in and you are not home, most criminals are not going to have the know-how or the willingness to take the time to mess with a safe. We carry AMSEC home safes, and you’ll be astonished at the wide selection you have to choose from! From small lock box to safes to gun safes that can protect your firearms, your jewelry, and important paperwork. Some large gun safes have interior drawers so you can keep your valuables organized as well as safe.

Call Bill’s Lock & Key to learn more how are locksmithing services can improve your security.