Home Technology and Security Trends

As home electronics and smart technology become more integrated, more available, and less expensive, we’re going to see a lot of growth in this area in the coming years. Our team has pulled together some of the latest trends and most-talked-about technology for you. Some of these include great home safety tips that go beyond better locks and security systems. Some are practical improvements. And, some, we’re just not sure about, but we got a kick out of them so we thought you might too.

We hope you enjoy reading about the latest home tech. Don’t forget, if you need help with anything from new locks and keys, home security systems, a new safe, or rekeying your car, give us a call. We’re a top-rated albuquerque locksmith because we’re experienced, trustworthy, professional, and dependable.


Spy on Everyone

This new home tech is being promoted as the latest and greatest tool for keeping your home and family safe. The Lighthouse recognizes everyone in your home, knows what they are doing, who they are with, and reports all of this activity to you. The company claims that it overcomes the problems with false alarms that traditional home security systems have. You know them well if you've ever had to rush home only to find out that the big emergency was that the cat jumped on top of the kitchen cabinet to chase a bug.

With facial recognition, machine learning, and 3D sensors, this new system can apparently tell the difference between you and a burglar, just by looking at you. You can ask it questions remotely with an app, like “what are the kids doing,” and you can set alerts to let you know if your teenager doesn’t get home on time or doesn’t take the dog for a walk when they’re supposed to.

We think these features are kind of cool. But we’re on the fence about whether they are crossing the line just a little bit into creepy, stalking territory.

Smart Locks Come Home

Smart locks are becoming fairly standard in commercial buildings. That market has sped up the development of the technology, which is finally making headway into the home market. Give us a call if you want to learn more about your smart lock options. Here are a few interesting technologies and products that have recently come on the market.

If you’ve got $1,200 or so to spare, you can get a secure lock that will only let a very exclusive set of people enter your home. Locks that require a code to be entered and a fingerprint scan do just that. We don’t think these are really practical yet for exterior entrances. What are the dog-walker or babysitter going to do? What about houseguests? We do think, however, that these locks could be fantastic for securing secure rooms or spaces in your home. If you’ve got guns, chemicals, valuables, or other things that need to be kept very securely behind a locked door this kind of lock could be an excellent choice.

For around the same price you can also get a facial recognition lock. We’ve seen good and bad reviews of this tech. It seems like a great idea, but some tests show that it isn’t very tough to fool. And if, for some reason, it stops recognizing you, you had better have another way to get into the house. We think we’ll wait for the next generation of this technology before trying it out.

We are fans of the new keypad systems that let you set codes for individuals, put time-limits on those codes, and have other handy features for managing your home and access to it. If someone is going to be coming by and watering the plants while you are on an extended trip, you can give them a code that only works for the three weeks you’ll be gone. Each family member could have their own code. And whenever a change needs to be made, it’s just a matter of a simple reprogramming. No new keys to make, no new locks to install. Give us a call if you’d like to talk more about having this type of security system added to your home.

More Home Tech Trends

Smart homes are all the rage, but they aren’t the only place to look for new conveniences. Here are some of the latest new products we’ve come across.

The Foldimate, scheduled to come onto the market around the end of this year, promises to fold and freshen your clothes lickety split. The machine is about the size of a standard washer or dryer and takes about 10 seconds to fold each item. At around $900, this sounds like a neat robot trick, but not something we expect a lot of homes to be taking advantage of any time soon.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show included a bunch of new robot prototypes from companies that are hoping to make home assistant robots a reality. They are essentially larger versions of systems like Amazon’s Alexa. They are just bigger and they move around.

Some of these mobile assistants are expected to be launched in public spaces like airports by the end of the year.

Home Security Doesn’t Have to be High-Tech

We’re kind of nerdy around here and love all this new technology. But, really, you can keep your home and your family safe without all of this newfangled stuff. In addition to to high-tech solutions, we’ve got the best deadbolts and other low-tech safety systems you can buy. And, we’ve got the professionals on staff to install them and show you how to use them to keep everyone safe. We’ve been the top choice for home security in Albuquerque for a long time now, and there’s a reason for that. Stop by or give us a call to learn for yourself why so many people depend on us.