Key Fobs—Replace or Repair

Remotes and Key Fobs—Replace or Repair? Well, that’s a good question. Our answer is, it depends. Either way, you can consider us your key fob locksmith. We carry replacements, as well as all the parts you need to repair your key fob. Our experts are here to advise you on which option is best, and to answer all of your questions.

Ever wonder how your auto key fob works? Understanding it a little better may help with your decision about whether to repair or replace it.


Auto key fob FAQ

  • Remote keyless entry technology is constantly improving. Remember the days when you had to click your fob - sometimes repeatedly- to get your car unlocked? For most newer model cars just having your auto key fob in your pocket is all that is required.
  • The ins-and-outs of how they function are kind of cool. Your remote key fob likely not only acts as a short range transmitter, it probably randomly rotates encrypted entry codes as an added measure of security. Pretty neat, right?
  • That remote key fob that works while it is in your pocket is based on a proximity system in your car. These systems have been around longer than you think. The first time they showed up was in the 1993 Chevy Corvette.

Before you replace your key fob check these things

  • Make sure the fob is actually the problem. If you’ve got an extra key fob, use that one to make sure it can perform all of the required functions. If it can’t, then the problem likely lies in your car’s computer system. Often a simple reset performed at the dealership or by your local mechanic is all that is required to get everything working like clockwork again.
  • If your initial test confirms that the key fob is the problem, try replacing the battery. We’ve got all kinds of batteries for all kinds of key fobs. Stop by and we’ll replace the battery for you, help you test it out and do a quick reset of the system.
  • You can also try resetting or reprogramming your auto key fob. The instructions will be in your car manual. This won’t be a difficult task, but it may make you feel a bit like an acrobat. Resetting usually includes some combination of odd behaviors: button pushing sequences, opened and closed doors, starting and stopping of the engine. Just follow the instructions for your particular car make and model.

If, after all of that, you are still unable to get your key fob working you’ll need to look at either repairing or replacing it.

Remote key fob repairs

Key fob buttons often stop working after a lot of use. If this is the case with yours, you are in luck. The contacts under the buttons can be easily repaired here at Bill’s Lock and Key. Just stop by and we’ll take care of it for you.

Have the buttons gone completely missing along with the outer shell of your key fob? Lucky you, we’ve got a huge selection of options for putting a new skin on your fob that will get it working and looking like new.

Battery replacements and other simple repairs can be made here also. If you aren’t sure what you need, just stop by and we’ll help you figure it out.

Replacing your key fob

Unfortunately, sometimes auto key fobs just stop working. Here at Bill’s Lock and Key we’ve got great deals on replacements. Going to the dealer is likely going to be your most expensive option. If you are lucky enough to drive a GM, VW, or Audi, we can definitely replace those for less than just about anywhere else. And we’ll program it at no cost too!