Locked Out in Albuquerque - What Are Your Options When You're Locked Out of Your House?

In an episode of the show Breaking Bad, the drama starring Bryan Cranston as Walter White, a teacher turned drug lord (that was set in Albuquerque) , White’s wife, Skylar, needs to get into his house. She’s locked out and decides to call an Albuquerque locksmith.

The locksmith arrives, but of course (since she’s actually breaking in) she has no ID – or any proof – that she actually lives in the house. She claims her purse was stolen.

The locksmith (quite realistically) states that he can’t just open the door for her without proof she lives there. She has her baby with her, and in a ruse (most of the characters in the show have a keen sense of deception) she goes into a panic, even handing her baby to the locksmith as she’s about to faint.

The locksmith, confused and feeling panic, finally just opens the door for her – gratis. He just gets out of there.

This scene brings up an interesting question. What are your options when you’re locked out of your house? What if you’ve lost all your IDs, so you don’t have any proof you actually live there?

What if it’s the middle of summer in Albuquerque and you’re about to pass out (for real) from the heat?

Here are some suggestions from Bill’s Lock and Key.


Prepare Your Proof

If you're locked out of your house and realize you must call a locksmith, prepare some type of proof that shows you live there.

Of course, the easiest way is to have your ID on you - but that may well be locked in your house. If you happen to have any other paperwork that demonstrates residency, get that ready.

Without that, ask a neighbor to come over and vouch for you. With their word, ID, and assurance that you can provide ID once you get in, the locksmith will open the door for you.

In some cases, the locksmith will give you the benefit of the doubt. For example, one locksmith told of how he arrived at an elderly woman's house early in the morning - in the dead of winter. She had walked out to get the paper in nothing but a bathrobe and locked herself out.

In this case, it was clear the woman lived there and it was reasonable for the locksmith to open the door. She provided ID after the door was opened.

However, most locksmiths will decline to help you if you don't have any way to prove residency. So, don't expect to be let in if, for all intents and purposes, you can't demonstrate anything more than you're a stranger standing in front of a house. It's not worth the risk for a locksmith to open the house in those circumstances.

An Albuquerque Locksmith You Can Trust

We all make mistakes. Sometimes pretty silly ones. That's how you'll be feeling if you lock yourself out of your own house.

Should this happen, don't try to pull a Skylar White. It worked in a TV show, but in reality, a locksmith can't let someone in without reasonable proof they live there.

With that in mind, give our Albuquerque locksmith service a call should you find yourself peering through own windows, looking for where your keys are. We'll do everything we can to help you in a fast, courteous manner.