Motorcycle Theft Prevention Tips

Lost or broken key? Our locksmiths can help with that. Our pros can even help you choose the best locking system for your motorcycle, scooter or ATV.

We all know that theft-prevention efforts are not foolproof. So our experts recommend that you double up or triple up on theft-prevention efforts to protect that bike you love.

Here are some tips from the bonded, certified locksmith experts at Bill’s who are here to help with all of your motorcycle security needs


We are amazed at how many of our customers who ride bikes don’t think that some of these simple tactics are worth the trouble. The truth is that there are some thieves who will be deterred by the simplest of measures. They aren’t all criminal master minds. And each step a thief has to take in order to accomplish their goal means more time for you or someone else to step in and stop them. So please consider these first line defenses.

  • Use a steering lock. It won’t stop an experienced, serial bike thief,but it’ll slow them down and could very well could deter a joy-rider or other less experienced motorcycle thieves.
  • If your bike didn’t come with one, install an immobilizer. It’ll keep your motorcycle from being quickly hotwired.
  • Purchase and use a standard U lock. As with the steering lock, this isn’t going to deter a ring of motorcycle thieves making their way through your neighborhood, but it will stop most thieves and significantly slow the rest of them down.
  • Add a disk lock or lever lock. The disk lock will keep your motorcycle from being ridden or rolled. Don’t forget to detach it before riding off or you’ll end up on the ground along with your bike! A lever lock essentially locks your brake tight against the throttle.
  • Use a large chain lock. They are heavy and cumbersome,but they also offer the best option for actually locking your motorcycle to something immovable. Some parking spots and garages offer rings to secure your chain to. If those aren’t available, a bike rack, fence, or even the chain of the motorcycle parked next to you are really good options.

Safety starts at home

We don’t know what the statistics are for motorcycles stolen from people’s homes versus while they are parked somewhere else. But we do know that there are some simple safety tips you can follow at home to make your bike a lot less attractive to thieves.

  • If you’ve got a garage, use it. You’d be surprised what little space your bike takes. With a little organization and cleaning, you can probably make room for inside storage. Don’t be foolish just because your bike is indoors. If you’ve got locks, use them, even at home.
  • Install motion activated lights. With the inexpensive, solar powered options available there’s really no reason not to do it. And as we all know, thieves are pretty averse to bright lights.
  • Anchor your bike to the ground. You can install a ground anchor in your garage or driveway fairly easily. There are multiple above ground and below ground floor anchor systems available. Make sure your chain fits through the anchor before you choose one!

Ask the professionals

Last, but certainly not least, ask for advice. Ask the folks at your local motorcycle shop. Ask your friends. And stop by and ask our locksmith and motorcycle security team for their advice for the best locks, theft deterrent systems, and other tips. We’ve likely got what you need on hand or we can get it for you.

And don’t forget, our locksmiths are here for the simple things too like lost motorcycle keys or keys broken in the ignition. Call us 24/7 and we’ll get you back on the road ASAP.