My Car Door Won’t Open From Either Side!

Being locked out of your own car is never any fun. It always seems to happen at the worst time, too. Either you’re late for work, or you need to get your child to school on time for an important exam, or you’re in a rush for some other reason (such as running late for a dental appointment).

Whatever the case may be, it’s never a convenient time to discover that your car door won’t open from the outside! We’re not talking about locking your keys inside your vehicle. We’re also not talking about losing your keys. This is about the door mechanism not working, and you’re left outside of your car unable to get in, despite having car keys in hand.

It’s just as bad when you can’t get out of your car! Being unable to open your car door when you’re inside your vehicle is a panic-inducing moment as you wonder how you’re going to get out of your predicament. You feel trapped, your heart starts to race, and you break out into a cold sweat.

In such a situation, most people either call for help (if they have their cell phone with them and they’re in an in-service area), or they crawl over seats and the gear selector to reach another door and get out.

Hopefully you’ve never had to experience being unable to get into or out of your car because a door has stopped working. But if you ever do find yourself in such a situation, here are some things to consider.


If you can’t get in or out, your door’s locking mechanism may be experiencing something called deadlocking.

What is this?

Manufacturers started to put deadlocks into cars in the 1990s to combat auto theft. It’s intended to serve as a safety feature to keep would-be criminals out of your car.

When a deadlock is enabled, it’s hard for thieves to access the car door’s internal unlocking mechanism. If you have a key, you should be able to unlock the door. However, these mechanisms can malfunction and freeze up on occasion, making it impossible for you to get in or out.

Either a locksmith or an auto mechanic will probably be of service if you ever find yourself in this situation.


Another possibility is that the lock mechanism is broken. This can lead to a door that’s completely stuck.

In such a case, your best bet is to call an experienced auto locksmith who is familiar with the locking mechanisms found in vehicle doors. A locksmith with the right background will know how to unravel and rework the mechanisms for different makes and models, for both cars and trucks.


If you can’t get in or out of a specific car door, it could be that the entire door is damaged. Perhaps another vehicle hit your car door and bashed it in (and you may or may not have noticed). In such a case, the mechanism may be physically damaged and irreparable. You may need a whole new door.

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Whether you’ve locked yourself out of your car, your remote key has stopped working, or your car door won’t open from the outside or the inside, you can give Bill’s Lock & Key a call. We will send a courteous, professional locksmith to your location to assist you.

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