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Although replacing a deadbolt might seem quick and easy, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below we’ve put together a list of helpful questions to ask yourself before you get started. Keep reading to learn more.



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Questions to Ask Before Replacing a Deadbolt

Are you planning to rekey locks and replace a deadbolt? Rekeying all your locks is a good idea if you feel that someone has unauthorized access to one of your keys, or you feel there may have been a break-in recently. What about replacing your deadbolt — what types of things do you need to consider before you go ahead and replace a deadbolt in your business or home? Read on to find out.

Do You Need A Whole New Door, Or Just A New Deadbolt?

It can be assumed that you’re replacing your deadbolt for increased security, but if your existing door is flimsy or compromised in any way, a new, heavy-duty deadbolt may not be sufficient to prevent future break-ins. Before you have a new deadbolt installed, thoroughly inspect and carefully analyze your door. Is it sturdy enough to prevent intruders from breaking in? If not, then be sure to replace the door first with a stronger model made of steel or solid wood. Once your new door is installed, you can add the deadbolt.


Will The New Deadbolt Work On Your Door?

Whether you’re keeping your existing door or you’re replacing it with a new one, an important consideration is whether or not your new deadbolt will work on your door. There are some mechanics involved here, and getting a deadbolt that’s not compatible with your door design is simply a waste of money. At Bill’s Lock & Key, we frequently receive calls from individuals who’ve tried to install a deadbolt but did not fully understand the mechanical aspects involved, and thus we are asked to repair the damage that was done and install the deadbolt correctly.

If you’ve purchased a deadbolt but you don’t know if it will work on your door, or you’re not sure that you can install it correctly, save time and money by giving our company a call first. We’ll do the job correctly for you, and we’ll complete the installation quickly. We’ll also let you know if the deadbolt you purchased isn’t right for your door, and we can bring a replacement product, if you wish.

Which Deadbolt Is Better, Mechanical Or Electrical?

In our automated world today, it’s not surprising that deadbolts come in both the traditional mechanical style, and in the more contemporary electronics variety. Many people enjoy the convenience and additional features that an electrical deadbolt offers. For example, you can access your electronic deadbolt through a numeric keypad or even your smartphone, and you can tie electric locks to your home security system. In short, having an electrical deadbolt gives you additional convenient features and options, but it’s really up to you whether or not you need them. For many people, the standard mechanical deadbolt is still the right solution.

What Measurements Do You Need To Take?

Whatever type of deadbolt you decide to have installed, you’ll need to take careful measurements to ensure the products and parts you’re purchasing will fit correctly on your door and doorframe. A deadbolt is not good to you if it doesn’t fit properly and the pieces don’t align properly. Before you run to the store to purchase the best deadbolt you can find, take plenty of measurements of your door and doorway to ensure you’re buying the right product. Don’t be shy about talking to the store clerk if you have any questions. And if they can’t help you, reach out to Bill’s Lock & Key. Our locksmiths will know how to assist.

Are Aesthetics Important To You?

Of course, safety and security are the most important considerations with a replacement deadbolt. But do looks matter to you? If they do, then you’ll be happy to know that there are options available that give you the security you’re looking for while also exhibiting a sense of style and even elegance. Shop around for just the right deadbolt that will blend with your interior design aesthetics.

Are There Better Options Than A Standard Deadbolt?

That’s a good question. Nowadays, you can get an entire door lock system for added protection and peace of mind. Contact your local locksmiths here in Albuquerque to learn more about these systems and find out whether or not they’re right for your residential or commercial needs.

Is This A Do-it-yourself Project, Or Is It Better To Call A Locksmith?

Many people try to replace their deadbolt themselves, and while some (especially those who are more mechanically inclined) succeed, others end up destroying the locks and bolts they purchased, and even messing up their doors. You know your abilities; if you’ve done this type of job before, you can probably handle it again. But if mechanics just aren’t your thing, don’t stress out. Call Bill’s Lock & Key if you’re located in Albuquerque or in any of the surrounding communities. We’ll schedule you in and send a qualified locksmith out to do the installation correctly for you.


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We have been serving the region for over 40 years! Our locksmiths can handle any type of lock-related job, from rekeying locks to replacing car keys, as well as working on home safes and home security systems. We will be happy to install your new deadbolt for you. Whether you need residential or commercial service, we’re here for you. Give Bill’s Lock & Key a call today for any locksmith services you may need, whether routine or urgent!