Bill’s Lock & Key Inc. is your local 24-hour locksmith for emergency and routine locksmith services, including servicing remotes and remote fobs for your car.

We stock a large selection of late model remote entry replacement FOBs. In addition to programming new remotes, we also repair damaged remotes at a fraction of the cost of replacement. We stock replacement batteries for most remotes.


Have the lock and unlock buttons stopped working in your late model GM remote? This is often caused by worn contacts inside the remote and can easily be repaired by our competent staff while you wait!


We can replace most VW and Audi switchblade remotes for less than the dealer can, and our prices include programming on all remotes and transponder keys.

Keychainshell key imageIs your remote shell broken? We carry universal remote skins that can extend the life of your current remote and repair those that have a broken key ring loop. We also have many shell keys to replace your broken remote-head key. BatteriesWe stock replacement batteries starting at $4.95, and we do the installation for you and even perform a simple reset procedure at no charge if necessary.